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When it’s Monday, it’s time for The Norm and his take on family, marriage and pop culture. Pop goes the Papa, this week at


The Norm 2.0

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Norm All Over!

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“The Norm 4.o” is weekly on GoComics.com

The Norm 4.o

“The Norm 4.o” now publishes weekly and features Norm, Reine and their family of four.

New for 2015! The Norm 4.o comic is about the boy who DID grow up. Even though there are now four family members, Norm is still trying to figure it all out before his two kids grow up and he and his wife, Reine (French for queen), grow too old. Married with kids and dogs and parents and friends and work? Yep, that’s now the norm.
Read The Norm 4.o each Monday on its own GoComics.com page. And, if you like your comics noisy, “read” The Norm comic readeo on YouTube.com each week!