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“Knocked Out Loaded” eBook is Live

Available on Amazon and iTunes Bookstore

A graphic novel of normal proportions!

It’s here! The offspring of my 2013 Indiegogo campaign is finally live on Amazon and iTunes. If you helped fund the campaign, thank you; your email with download instructions should have arrived yesterday. If you’d like to purchase the book on Amazon…click the link below!

AMAZON: Knocked Out Loaded: A Comic Art Novelty by Michael Jantze

ITUNES: Knocked Out Loaded

Norm Miller, stressed about marriage and all that that implies, heads off for a solo skiing trip only to return without any of his emotional baggage. When you see yourself as others see you, who’s left to be you? Based on Michael Jantze’s syndicated comic strip “The Norm”, “Knocked Out Loaded” is the first graphic novel from Jantze and the first-long form story about Theo. Norm Miller.

A 230-page book, “Knocked Out Loaded” is 151 pages of character-driven, thought-provoking yucks and drama. And as an ebook bonus, more than 50 guest artists offer their version of “The Norm”, including Sergio Aragones, Joe Murray, Tom Richmond, Jim Borgman, Jerry Scott, Lincoln Peirce, Stephen Silver and so many up and coming artists it’s exhausting, but still the norm.