The Author

Michael Jantze was born in Middletown, New York, grew up as “Mike” in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois and now lives in the Seattle Area.

Mr. Jantze

Father, cartoonist, author

Michael studied film in Los Angeles, worked as a newspaper graphics editor and an art director at ILM, while developing and writing comic strips.

He taught animation and sequential art at the Savannah College of Art and Design. For the last decade, he’s written and directed short-form animation, first for Jantze Studios’ clients, then Cengage Learning and now Amazon Publishing.

“The Norm” was syndicated by King Features from 1996-2006. Michael retired the strip and archived it as “The Norm 1.0 (Classics)” on Michael restarted “The Norm 4.0” weekly on another page on GoComics in 2015, Norm is now a husband and father. can read “The Norm 4.0” at, view motion versions of strips at and support Michael’s work for as little as a dollar a month at – it’s a brave new world, and this is how you read, view and support the comic arts.

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